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ADAPTEC 29160LP released 2000.05.25.

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Category SCSI
Device 29160LP
Operating Systems SCO UNIX
File size 103 Kb
Released 2000.05.25
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Ultra160 Drivers for SCO OpenServer 5.­05 This is a self-extracting DOS archive file.­ Run the .­EXE file to expand the file into a TEMP directory.­ Then place a blank,­ formatted diskette (3.­5",­ 1.­44 MB) into drive A:.­ Run "create.­bat",­ which takes the Unix image (.­IMG) file and copies it to the floppy to create a Unix driver diskette.­ This "create.­bat" utility will create the Ultra 160 driver diskette for SCO Openserver 5.­05.­ Label the disk as follows: Disk 1 of 1: Ultra 160 Driver SCO Unix Openserver 5.­0.­5.­ The driver on this disk is: SCO Unix Openserver 5.­0.­5 - version d1.­3 (Ultra160).­ Installation Instruction: Please read ASK article 2145 for instructions on installing this adapter in SCO Openserver.­ Notes: This disk is in Unix format,­ you will be unable to read it on a DOS or Windows machine.­

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