ADAPTEC 29160LP driver download free (ver. 1.­21)

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ADAPTEC 29160LP (ver. 1.­21) released 2000.12.08.

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Category SCSI
Device 29160LP
Operating Systems Sun Solaris
Version 1.­21
File size 1.27 Mb
Released 2000.12.08
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Ultra160 Drivers for Sun Solaris 7 and 8 version 1.­21 Adaptec Ultra160 Device Driver for Sun Solaris 7 &­ 8,­ version d1.­21 (Intel Platform Edition).­ Full installation instructions are provided as a separate link below.­ Installation Instruction: See: Installation Instructions for Adaptec Ultra160 Sun Solaris Device Driver v1.­21 Use uncompress,­ gzip or winzip to decompress.­ Then use the dd utility to create a driver diskette.­ A DOS version of the dd utility may be obtained from Sun's website.­ Notes: If downloaded from a Windows environment,­ the capital Z at the end of the file may be changed to a lower case z.­ Simply rename the file if needed.­ Note: If used from a DOS environment,­ you may need to shorten the name to meet the DOS 8.­3 filename length.­ You can rename the file either as you download,­ or after you download prior to use.­ Note:This device driver has been verified for use with Solaris 7 Operating Environment AND/­OR Solaris 8 Operating Environment.­ For further information please see http:/­/­www.­sun.­com.­

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