ADAPTEC 29160LP BIOS download free (ver. 3.­10.­0)

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ADAPTEC 29160LP (ver. 3.­10.­0) released 2001.05.30.

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Category SCSI
Device 29160LP
Operating Systems BIOS
Version 3.­10.­0
File size 276 Kb
Released 2001.05.30
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This is BIOS version 3.­10.­0 for the Adaptec SCSI Card 29160LP.­ This self- extracting archive includes the flash utility and the ROM image file.­ This is a maintenance release for BIOS optimization and changing the BIOS loading sequence.­ Caution: These utilities are designed to update the Retail version of the controllers.­ They are not designed for motherboard embedded controllers or OEM adapters.­ Using this utility for OEM adapters,­ designed-in controller chips,­ or other Adaptec SCSI host adapters may render those adapters unusable.­ If you are still unsure about the status (OEM versus Retail) of the Adaptec Hardware Product you have purchased,­ please contact Adaptec Customer Service at one of the worldwide telephone numbers on our Contact Support page.­ The Customer Service Representative can assist in determining the status of your product.­ Please have the product handy,­ as they may need you to check the serial number or other areas of the adapter for information.­ Notes: Do not use this BIOS on any of the other Ultra160 cards.­ This BIOS is only intended for the Adaptec SCSI Card 29160LP.­ When upgrading the BIOS from version 2.­xx.­x to 3.­xx.­x,­ you will need to restart your computer system once or twice.­ The messages you will see upon reboot,­ are self-correcting procedures to remove legacy information from the SCSI Card.­ Do not be alarmed,­ these are normal messages from the 3.­xx BIOS.­

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